Heart & Soul Founder Ericka Tillis, left, with US Congresswoman Barbara Lee
Heart & Soul Founder Ericka Tillis, right, with US Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

Heart & Soul Communities is a place dedicated to serving seniors. Where meeting our elders’ physical, spiritual and emotional needs, in an environment that fosters love and respect, is a way of life. Heart & Soul is not only committed to the lives of our seniors, but to their souls.

Our culturally-competent atmosphere allows each Resident to be cared for as an individual. We have a passion to understand their past experiences, cultural sensitivities, beliefs, and values. We care for them with their specific needs in mind.

We realize that at some point our bodies will deteriorate, and various conditions will plague all of us but our souls live on. No condition, disease, or illness can reach our souls. It’s our desire to find that place in each and every one of our seniors and nurture it.

Come take a tour and see if Heart & Soul is the right place for your loved one.